Come experience 2 days of talks, forums and mini workshops and explore how people from different creative backgrounds tell stories, write music, build robots, make ads, create art, produce content, express poetry and rebuild a country find common ground in our shared humanity. Discover the weird, the wonderful and the hey-how-come-I-didn’t-think-of-that sort of ideas for the brands we’re tasked to build.

The Kancil Festival will be begin at Ruang and end with the Kancil Awards Night at Chin Woo Stadium.


Data Is Nothing Without Ta-Da!

Ronald Ng

Global Chief Creative Officer, Digitas.

Data is people in disguise. Human behavior, experiences, conscious and unconscious decisions. Technology has provided insight into all that data. But is human intuition still needed to turn data into magic? Join Ronald Ng as he discusses the new world of marketing in a data powered world and if humanity is doomed or needed more than ever before to help brands win.

Hearing You

Bassam Tariq

Filmmaker, writer, TED fellow.

The most powerful stories are the ones inspired by our personal journey. But how can we, as creatives, use our own lives to tell other people’s stories? Bassam will use some of his highly acclaimed work, plus a few precious lessons he’s learnt from his amazing journey around the globe to show us how.

The Art Of Drawing Meaning From Life.

Stella So

Artist, cultural activist.

In this fast moving world, have we lost the art of reflection and the precious lessons that come with it? What if the remedy to this was drawing? Because by staying still and observing, you are absorbing lessons about people, life, history, and about our journey as a species. Stella So will show you a way of seeing life and discovering its meaning through her amazing work in Hong Kong as well as around the world.

A New Hope.

Fahmi Fadzil

MP for Lembah Pantai, Communications Director, Keadilan.

What is the narrative behind a brand called ‘Harapan’? When did it start? What are its beliefs? How did this belief spread? Where will this narrative lead us? We can learn a lot about our brands from getting an inside scoop on the most powerful brand in Malaysia – the government. And leading us on this tour is Fahmi Fadzil.

The Sound of Emotions

Kamal Sabran/Jessica Price

Sound Artist/Psychologist, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

A lot of what we do as marketers revolve around making people feel for our Brands. We convey our ideas through a string of words that are meticulously constructed to engage our audiences. Imagine if we could do that without words. Kamal and Jessica will reveal a new language – one that does not go through the intellect to reach the heart. But one that speaks to the heart before the brain understands it.

Enhancing Creativity with AI and Robots

Shun Matsuzaka

Digital CD and head of McCann Next.

Shun created the world’s first AI Creative Director Robot and also experimented on how AI can enhance human creativity through mindful meditation. You’re probably going like, “WHAT???” right now. Is there a deeper human need that is served by the desire to dive into the world of artificial intelligence? The answer may just surprise you.

Treasures In Your Own Backyard

Hyrul Anuar

Artist, culture story-weaver, art director.

Everyone dreams of doing big impactful things. We crave for the right moment and the right opportunity for this to happen. But it never comes. Hyrul has good news for us. He will show you that you can create the opportunity and have full control over the moment. Instead of waiting, start with what you have. The little things we take for granted contains the very thing that great work is built on.

Illuminated By Darkness

Stevens Chan

Founder – Dialogue In The Dark.

So often we judge from our sight. The term ‘oh, I see’ connotes that you have seen and understood the subject at hand. But what if sight is also the root of judgment, division and animosity? What if the removal of sight leads to the absence of judgment – and the absence of judgment allows you to see clearly? Stevens, who lost his sight in 2007, will take you into the darkness to find the insights that lead to empathy.

A Creative Wrecking Ball

Aneil Deepak

Creative freestyler from the creative collective, Inka.

Imagine if our understanding of creativity cannot be defined or confined. It’s non-repetitive, free from formats, trespasses into wherever it needs to go, defeats habit and escapes the boundary of what’s confortable to seek a solution to anything and everything. Get a glimpse of what creative freedom is with Aneil.

Documenting Life - The Power Of An Unscripted Journey

Aloke Devichand/Sarah Yeo

Producers, 101 East/Witness, Al Jazeera, English.

How do you tell a story about a situation that is beyond your control, but is unfolding in front of you? How do you navigate through the highs, lows and conflicts to still find light, meaning and tenacity? Sarah and Aloke will take you behind the camera that captures the human condition. And hopefully, you will see why some stories just need to be told.

Spoken Word. Broken Walls.

Kafayat Motilewa Quadri

Poet, singer-songwriter, poetographer.

The pen is mightier than the sword because it possesses the word that inspires the one who wields the sword. Words are never just mere words. It has the potential to carry the ideas that humanity is built upon. Let Kafayat take you through a lyrical adventure about the journey of the soul and help you discover the building blocks of culture.

The Creative Alchemist – The Story of Fusion Wayang Kulit

Tintoy Chuo

Artist and founder of Fusion Wayang Kulit (FWK).

What exactly is culture? Is it confined to ancient traditions only to be revisited at designated events of the year? Or is it something that is contemporary, something that is living and breathing and surrounds us? What if it was all the above? What if culture can be redefined by a collision of old and new and if so, what will result from this creative alchemy? Tintoy will take us through his fascinating journey through his fusion ‘Wayang-Kulit’ project to help us see the stories we can tell from this untapped territory.

Missing the point: Another way of seeing culture.

Eddin Khoo

Poet, writer, journalist, teacher and founder of Pusaka.

The way in which culture is understood today falls into the trap of intellectual compartmentalization. What is old, what is new, what remains for always are essential struggles that confront the questions of time, symbol and the contemporary. In his eye-opening session, Eddin Khoo will explore ideas of tradition within the context of the contemporary and the meaning and continued appeal of the symbolic. Accompanied with visuals of ritual practices, performances, examples of incantation, theatrical embellishments and symbolic design, the presentation seeks to recast the ever-lasting intellectual contest between the then and the now in the hopes that marketers will be able to tap into the beauty that culture offers on the ongoing story of all of us.

The Art of not Knowing: A Celebration of Naivety

Fazil Fuad

Creative technologist, founder – C27.

Need experience for work. Need work for experience”, the inevitable paradox of the industrial age. Is it different now? Since we're in the information age - the wealth of human knowledge and experiences accessible by this little thing in our pocket we call smartphones. How did the digital revolution accelerate our ability to learn from the mistakes of others in order to build something meaningful, fast? How important is experience and the years in your CV? How did a group of kids, fresh out of uni build one of Malaysia’s fastest growing digital agencies in an industry ruled by global heavyweights? How do you control chaos, when fundamentals are out of reach? Enter Fazil Fuad (the youngest CEO in the local ad scene), as he proves that there is a wealth of wisdom, in not knowing.

Exhibitions, Shows & Experiential Stuff

Dialogue In The Dark experience, Photography exhibition by David Lok and Kenny Loh, Blind Photographer’s project, VR and Tech demos by Motiofixio and Sooth, Japan, Art exhibitions by Hyrul Anuar and James Seet, Peperangan Bintang by Tintoy Chuo, The Berani Project featuring Kitar GE14.